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Best place to buy a custom-built PC

Postby gregorov_14 » Fri Nov 20, 2015 6:50 pm

My mother-in-law was looking to buy a new PC because for whatever reason, her PC decides to power off for no apparent reason at times. She's managed to put in a new PSU thinking the issue could be power related (she did also put in a new video card at one point in time, and it's a Dell XPS, so power could have actually been an issue). In any case, I offered to actually build her one, but due to living 1/2 way across the country, doing so is a bit impractical (unless she were ok with waiting until I'm in town in a month). It'll be used for work and Civ 5.

Current PC
i7 920
8gb ram
amd r7 265

The plan for that PC would be to hand it down as the PC her daughter is using is ~10 years old and decided to not work recently. I'm also looking probably lower-end price scale, which I would assume means < $1000, but so far haven't been given a true budget yet.

I'll still try for the "wait 'till I'm in town" because they have a second PSU (Corsair CX600), and I figure I could use that in the new build (and based on my estimates, looking at ~$1000 for my custom build)

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