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Ronin's PC

Postby Ellsworth » Sun Mar 22, 2015 5:16 pm

NOTE: This is a post by Ronin.

So I Finally built my PC right before Christmas! Many thanks to everyone who had an opinion on this build but the biggest thanks goes to Smitty who let me come to his place one Friday night in December and get his expert help building it. After months of deliberation I ended up going with an i5 4690k ( which I have yet to overclock) on a Gigabyte Gaming 3 motherboard & an ASUS GTX 760 GPU. This receipt is actually wrong as the RAM I bought was defective. I pulled the 16GB of RAM from my old build (still in my signature) and I ended up splitting 8GB of RAM for use in my kids' PC. I returned the defective RAM on my way home so I ended up spending less than $850 on this build which is terrific in my opinion. I had purchased a family pack of Windows 7 licenses years ago so i didn't need to spring for the new OS.

When I get a new PC the old one gets passed down and this year I worked on those PCs so my kids have pretty good setup. One of those has a 7950 and the other has a 5850 each with 4GB of RAM . I took 4 PCs to Smitty's and came back with 5. Besides rearranging the RAM the I had to do a fresh install of Windows on the 5850 to make use of the SSD I installed so everyone in our family has a pretty good PC experience. I also bought my kids each Acer 24" monitors for Christmas ( they thought the PC was the big gift so their heads melted when they saw the monitors, I also got them Fatal1ty Headsets too which are actually quite nice)

Back to my build: I purchased everything at Micro Center so I could have it all in time for Smitty's and although there was tax I made out because the proc was like $50 cheaper than online and I didn't have to pay for any shipping. The HAF 912 case had great reviews but what I don't like about it is that the top is open It has a grilled area for radiators or fans and the top isn't flat either but it was super cheap and is pretty well built. I pulled my Lightscribe DVD burner from my old (7950) PC for my optical drive and my son has yet to complain about it missing so I am sure we're ok.

Here's what I have in it:

Coolermaster HAF 912 case $60
EVGA 750watt power supply $85
Sandforce 120GB SSD $55
ASUS GTX 760 OC GPU $215
Gigabyte Z97X Gaming Mobo $90
1 TB 7200 HDD $50 I put this in the 5850PC and took it's 2TB WD HDD and put it in my new build.
Coolmaster Hyper 212 CPU fan $35 ( all 3 of my PCs have this awesome cooler)
Intel i5 4690k proc $180 this is an unbeatable price.

The two front red LED fans are after market and the cable just came today which will allow me to control the speed through the motherboard. Right now they're running full speed and they're a bit loud but they look cool with the red LEDs on the motherboard. The PC itself is blisteringly fast ( or so it seems to me) the fresh Windows 7 install even impressed Smitty with its fast boot.
The only downside right now is the weird network issue where my PC is showing a slow connection on Speedtest but my other PCs are showing faster times. We upgraded our Time Warner Cable internet to 'Extreme' 50mbps down & 5 up and it certainly is more robust.

An interesting observation about hard drives. Smitty & I had a great conversation about this topic. When I built my 5850 machine 4 years ago it got a 2TB drive, Then I built the 7950 machine & it got a 1.5TB and I bought a 1TB HDD for this build ( and switched it out for the 2TB hdd) The HDD never fully recovered from the floods in 2011 add to that fewer PCs being sold ( way more tablets and PCs with SSDs only) so the volumes aren't there to keep the pricing down. Very odd that the hard drives are 'shrinking' relative to cost.

I must say that for only a few hundred dollars more than the Xbox One this is an amazing piece of equipment. For my needs I'll never need a PC that cost over $1000 again ( but maybe that's because I am getting old!) I can't wait to show it off over Frag weekend & maybe I get some overclocking down then, right Hardware Guy??

I figured I saved about 35-40% compared to a custom built machine and it sure was fun to build. The big downside is I can't even pretend to blame my hardware for my poor gaming skills!






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Re: Ronin's PC

Postby Ronin » Thu Apr 02, 2015 9:29 pm

Looks good Ellsworth, Thanks. I am just reading up on getting it overclocked. I will update this as I make some progress. For the money you can't beat this setup.
After seeing and hearing about the amazing rigs that many people have on these forums; it seems rather silly for me to the specs of my very modest gaming PC. It works and that's good enough for me.

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