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Senate Republicans Try to Hide Controversial Tax Study

Postby ZeroGuardian » Fri Nov 02, 2012 11:18 am

i just want to get this out first, I'm posting this because of the Senate Republican's reaction. Not for the study itself (although it does have some interesting points).

Senate Republicans pushed to have the Non-Partisan Congressional Research Service hide a study they published back in September. Research and Studies should never be hidden from the public just because you don't agree with the content of the study. If you don't agree then provide suitable arguments to refute the research or conduct a different study to refute/verify the findings. (Granted some Republicans did provide some reasonable arguments, even though their arguments seem to contradict their own plans as well, against the study but the point is they shouldn't have tried to hide it all-together.)

However, all that aside the study is worth a look. It does provide some interesting correlations, but doesn't really provide all the links that a study like this could have to make it stronger. Hopefully this will encourage the CRS to look into this further, as I do think there needs to be more research into the economic impacts of lower/higher tax rates vs income disparity and economic growth.
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Re: Senate Republicans Try to Hide Controversial Tax Study

Postby Firing Squid » Fri Nov 02, 2012 12:23 pm

It's called "dishonesty". It is also not a big surprise that the big tent, small government party might want to suppress information that doesn't "shuck and jive" with 9th century "values" and "legislation"..

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