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Forum Rules & Etiquette - Please read before posting

Postby FiSH » Fri Sep 07, 2012 1:11 am

Welcome to the Space Potatoes Community!
Looking for a place to call home? Maybe some friends to play games with? Look no further! Let our forums whet your appetite for gaming, discussions about gaming, and building machines for gaming. Our goal is to transform you into a better class of couch potato. . . a Space Potato! So come in, sit down and stay seated. There's a world to discover, and you can do it from the comfort of your favorite chair. Just aim that chair toward a keyboard and mouse and you're golden!

Space Potatoes Rules of Conduct
● Please do not post links to or embed images and/or videos that contain offensive and/or pornographic material.
● Please refrain from posting other members' personal and/or sensitive information.
● Please refrain from directly insulting your fellow space potatoes.
● Please refrain from trolling: posting anything that is intended to insult, agitate, or goad other forum members into an argument.
● Please keep all discussions within their appropriate forum, and refrain from hijacking threads.
● Please keep all political and religious discussions in the Politics/Religion forum.
● If you have a complaint with any actions or content on the forums, contact an admin or mod via PM. Please do not post your complaints on the forums.
● Any posts that violate these rules will be moved and/or deleted by a moderator.

Our Forums
Here is a quick summary of the areas in which you'll interact as a member of the Space Potatoes community, followed by a list of key contacts.

We play 'em. Lots in fact. Enjoy discussion on the latest and greatest. We also invite you show off your gaming skills each Friday night by joining our regular community multiplayer sessions. We call these 'Game Nights' where the focus is always on fun rather than competition.

This is the area to hang out in if your interest is in building and/or maintaining your computer. Discuss your thoughts on the latest technology and get advice on the best components from our experts.

Software / Applications
Discuss the inner workings of operating systems and programs of all varieties. Apps do some amazing things! Talk about them here.

Hot Deals
Black Fridays, Summer Sales, Blue Light Specials. We're all about cool stuff for less cash. Find a good deal? Alert the community in this forum.

For Sale / Wanted
You have something we want. We have something you want. Convenient, right? Use this forum to initiate sales, trades and even giveaways with other members.

Apparently there is life beyond gaming and computers. We're told that anyway. Join discussions on everything from music and movies to cars and careers. If it's an interesting topic, or even if it's not, you'll find it here.

Politics / Religion (Off-topic subforum)
Just like in the real world, we've separated church and state - altogether! Who'll be the next president? What color are the Pope's undies? Talk about it here.

In this forum, we welcome your comments on the site's functionality. See room for improvement or have an error you'd like to report? Sound off here. Our goal is to keep Space Potatoes as user-friendly as possible. Let us know about your ideas for maintaining this focus.

Info & Announcements
Here you'll find the latest information on the various happenings in and around the Space Potatoes community. Posts in this section will be viewable inside each forum.

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