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Restaurants/Fast Food Thread

Postby SuperCharge » Mon Aug 17, 2015 8:10 pm

Ellsworth has a thread about being a cook. But I was wondering, have you tried anything good from restaurants/fast food places lately?

Over here, a little ways from me, in Palmyra Missouri, we have a pizza place called Breadeaux Pizza that has really great crust and good overall pizza, and a buffet where they bring out pizzas and you can get a pretty mean salad (though in a plastic package). Pic of what their pizza looks like:


The fast food and sitdown restaurants in my actual town, aren't that great though. You have to drive just under 20 miles to Missouri from smalltown Illinois to get better food.

You can share what you want to here. Whether or not you want to share your location or the location of the restaurant is entirely up to you. You can just mention the chain even. Pictures don't hurt either.

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