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Looking for used video cards

Postby dotContent » Tue Mar 11, 2014 2:38 pm

Hey guys, long time no see. If you're having trouble recognizing the username, I'm Joe. I attended Smitty's last two LAN parties, and am excited to see you guys at the next one later this month.

I am having some fun with Litecoin and am looking for some additional video cards to mine with. I need two more, and will consider additional ones depending on budget constraints. Sadly, the prices of mining cards has bumped up like crazy online, even on eBay, so it's getting hard for me to find what I need at a non-risky price.

I am looking for the following, prioritizing the ones higher on the list first because they will make better use of space in my rigs.
-AMD's 5900 series cards
-AMD's 5800 series cards
-AMD's 5770 (if I can't get my hands on anything above)

There may be other cards I would be interested in if the price is right.

If you have a card you are interested in getting rid of, please post a pic, the model, and your asking price. I'll then PM you so we can sort out the details.

I can pay via Paypal (or cash, if you need to), and would prefer exchanges to go on at the LAN party unless you have a good deal for me for whatever reason and are not attending the event.

Thanks in advance!

~dotContent / Joe

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