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TOTAL WAR: Warhammer for $12

Postby jacobvandy » Sat Feb 04, 2017 2:30 pm

Just like XCOM 2 for February, the new Humble Monthly Bundle is offering a deeeeeply discounted relatively new AAA game to entice us. Subscribe now for $12 (month-to-month rate) to get TOTAL WAR: Warhammer immediately, along with a bunch of other random games at the beginning of March.

For the curious, here is what comprised the rest of the bundle that XCOM 2 headlined:

RYSE: Son of Rome - Action/Adventure, released Oct. 2014, regular price $20

ABZU - Atmospheric Adventure, released Aug. 2016, regular price $20

SteamWorld Heist - 2D Turn-based Strategy/RPG, released Jun. 2016, regular price $15

Okhlos - Roguelike Action/Strategy, released Aug. 2016, regular price $13

Project Highrise - 2D Building/Management Simulation (SIM FUCKING TOWER!), released Sep. 2016, regular price $20

Husk - First-person Adventure/Horror, released Feb. 2017, regular price $20

Plus a couple others not on Steam - Hollow Knight (Sneak Peek) and Oh, Deer!

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