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XCOM 2 (and more) for $12

Postby jacobvandy » Mon Jan 16, 2017 1:05 pm

Subscribe to the Humble Monthly Bundle to get XCOM 2 for effectively the lowest price it's ever been, as well as a batch of mystery games that will be handed out on February 3rd. Just remember to cancel before they charge you again, unless you like surprises.

For the curious, here is what comprised the rest of the bundle when it unlocked February 3rd:

RYSE: Son of Rome - Action/Adventure, released Oct. 2014, regular price $20

ABZU - Atmospheric Adventure, released Aug. 2016, regular price $20

SteamWorld Heist - 2D Turn-based Strategy/RPG, released Jun. 2016, regular price $15

Okhlos - Roguelike Action/Strategy, released Aug. 2016, regular price $13

Project Highrise - 2D Building/Management Simulation (SIM FUCKING TOWER!), released Sep. 2016, regular price $20

Husk - First-person Adventure/Horror, released Feb. 2017, regular price $20

Plus a couple others not on Steam - Hollow Knight (Sneak Peek) and Oh, Deer!

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